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Multiple Customer Payment Methods Accepted

Accept customer payments through Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, PayPal™, Amazon Payments, Alipay, eCard Poland, Giropay, iDEAL, Sofort, WebMoney, bank wire, bank transfer, check, money order, and purchase order.

Payment Methods

Multi-Currency Pricing & Translated Order Pages

Increase international sales by enabling your customers to pay for your products in their native currency. FastSpring supports 16 global currencies, including: USD, Euro, Pound, Chinese Yuan, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Danish Krone, Hong Kong Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Polish Zloty, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Krona, Indian Rupee, South African Rand and Brazilian Real. According to Forrester Research, 25% of European and 30% of US online consumers buy goods cross-border.[1]


International prices can be set for your products automatically using real-time foreign exchange rates, or you can set your own prices for each currency, letting customers see your product's pricing displayed in a simple, rounded number such as 20.00 Euros instead of 19.53 Euros, as an example. With FastSpring’s multi-currency functionality, you can also allow your customers to pay via bank wire, which is not available when using non-local currencies.

FastSpring uses IP address detection to automatically identify the customer's location, and then displays the order page in the predominant local language. Customers can also select alternate languages through a convenient pull-down menu. FastSpring supports 24 local languages, including: Arabic, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

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International Customer Tax Collection & Management

Avoid the hassles of tax compliance by having FastSpring handle tax collection, compliance and payment on your behalf, including management of the European Union's Value-Added Tax (VAT), California state sales taxes, and more. Utilize support for real-time VAT ID validation and exemption for B2B customers. Customize your store to display prices using VAT net pricing mode or VAT gross pricing mode.

Branded, Fully-Customized Order Pages

Offer a seamless user experience and reduce your cart abandonment rate. Your customers will not feel as though they have left your web site when they arrive on your order page, as the order page will match the look and feel of your site.

Some commerce providers offer a limited range of default visual styles, often with constrained customization options. FastSpring supports full CSS customization of its order pages. Additionally, the FastSpring order page design setup is designer-friendly – a web designer can create the HTML and CSS as he or she normally would locally, then upload and immediately test the style. FastSpring staff will be happy to create a custom visual style matching the look & feel of order pages to your site for free.

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PCI Compliance

PCI ComplianceAll FastSpring Stores are PCI comliant and adhere to the standards of PCI DSS regulations. Our commerce infrastructure undergoes regular third-party scans. Unlike the vast majority of other digital e-commerce & subscription management services, with FastSpring you don't need to worry about PCI compliance yourself, as we handle all sensitive data on our end. No card numbers are ever stored in our system.

As a reseller who hosts all store pages within a highly secure infrastructure, FastSpring gives clients the peace of mind to focus on developing their products, rather than delegate valuable resources to e-commerce tech development & financial relationships. To learn more about our secure hosted order environment, take a look at our Technical Infrastructure.

Secure Shopping with PayPal

FastSpring supports secure shopping with PayPal.

PayPal Logo

Flexible Order Page Layouts Including Shopping Cart Options

“In addition to what is quickly becoming legendary customer support, their e-commerce platform is a dream to work with.”

Tyler Hall, ClickOnTyler

Many providers limit you in both the design and the flexibility of order pages. FastSpring offers extensive layout, customization and styling options. Each product can have its own layout and customization of options/choices available to users, including form elements like drop-down menus and checkboxes. Each service or product order page automatically includes URLs for different ways of sequencing the checkout flow, enabling you to test and tweak the order page format (including cross-sell placement) until you've optimized conversion.

One of the order page options is to use a shopping cart flow, hosted on a FastSpring store page, that allows your customers to "Continue Shopping" back on your site (adding items to their cart) and seamlessly & securely check out on your hosted and branded order page.

Order pages can be custom-styled with full CSS control. Styles can be applied to your store as a whole, or be applied based on conditions you define, such as date ranges, link sources, specific products, or order environment (such as mobile browsers or embedded stores).

ScreenshotView Samples Page Page 2 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11

Free Store Setup & Rapid-Response Customer Service

Stevie Award for Best Customer Service Dept.

FastSpring's customer service has received many client testimonials and just recently won a coveted Stevie® Award for Best Customer Service Department of the Year.

Not only will you benefit from our rapid-response service to your questions, but your customers will be quite pleased with getting prompt and complete responses, helping lead to repeat purchases and word-of-mouth referrals for your products.

While FastSpring's system is easy to use in self-service mode for those who prefer working on their own, each member of our support staff has in-depth knowledge of the platform's many capabilities and can work with you on every aspect of your store's design and configuration, to ensure optimal page conversion and revenue per order.

“We're extremely content with the combination of extraordinary customer service and the constant improvements to the already powerful store backend.”

Jacob Gorban, Apparent Software

At no extra charge, our support team can do all the setup work for you, replicating your existing store or creating a new store for you, making it easy to transition. We can develop a visual style to match the look and feel of your site; add products, descriptions and pricing; set up cross-sells, product options and add-ons; configure fulfillment emails, downloads and licensing options (per your instructions), and so on. We're here to help you in every way we can.

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Subscription Management & Recurring Billing for SaaS

Subscription ManagementFastSpring's subscription service enables recurring billing for your web-based software applications, software services and desktop products. Our subscription engine and APIs coordinate all aspects of subscription e-commerce, including multiple plan configurations, branded order pages, flexible notifications, payment method updates, and a suite of testing tools. FastSpring's platform supports free or paid trials, on-demand subscriptions, one-time fees, installment payment plans, support notes for individual customers, and plan switches, including prorating.

All subscription-based stores benefit from the full range of FastSpring features too, such as multi-currency support, PCI compliance, coupons & discounts, full CSS customization of order pages, international tax collection & management, refund management, and more. FastSpring's phenomenal customer support is even more valuable to you when it comes to selling subscription-based services, as our rapid-response, high-quality approach will help retain and maximize the lifetime value of each subscription customer.

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Mobile-Optimized Order Page Styles for iPhone, iPad, Android

Apple + AndroidIncrease revenue from the ever-growing market of mobile users. Automatically serve mobile-optimized order page styles to handheld device users by adding styles for iPhone®/iPod®, iPad® and Android™ to your store. As more and more consumers shop on mobile phones and tablets, FastSpring has implemented this support to enable maximum order page usability for customers using these market-leading devices.

Using simple settings in the viewport meta tag in the style's html, along with CSS customization as needed, you can easily create styles for each of these devices. Your order page will then fill (but not overflow) the viewing area, creating a better checkout experience and reducing cart abandonment to maximize order conversion. Once in place, the styles are served automatically to the corresponding devices using our platform's mobile device detection functionality.

To find out more, including how to download and set up our newly released default mobile styles for iPhone and Android, see our documentation article Mobile Styles for iPhone and Android.

ScreenshotView Mobile Styles Screenshots2345678

A/B Split Testing within SpringBoard

A/B Split Testing in SpringBoardA/B testing (split testing) within FastSpring's platform gives you a systematic way of altering particular elements of the order page sequence to test against a baseline, in order to optimize conversion rates and revenue per order. Through easy product duplication, experiments with changes such as price, discounts, cross-sells, style elements and more, 50% of your traffic will go to the baseline flow and 50% to the adjusted flow.

Iterative A/B testing – changing one component at a time against a baseline order flow – can lead to increased revenue and valuable insights into customer behavior. To learn more about this powerful feature, see our Setting Up A/B Split Testing support article.

Cross-Sell & Add-On Optimization

Increase your revenue per order by cross-selling products anytime your customer adds one of your products to his/her cart.

Test different cross-sell products and scenarios to determine the optimal products to cross-sell with each of your products. Display cross-sell and add-on products and services in a variety of locations, to find the optimal combination of product exposure versus order flow. Supported cross-sell locations include product detail page, interstitial/dedicated page, shopping cart, or after customer information has been collected. Cross-sell discounts such as amount or percentage off the additional product(s) can be easily configured as well.

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Cart Abandonment Remarketing Solution

Capture Emails to Mailing Lists Pre-Checkout

Shopping Cart - AbandonedMany potential customers start the checkout process but leave their orders incomplete, for a variety of reasons. Studies have shown that about 67% of online users abandon their shopping cart before completing a purchase. [2] FastSpring can automatically capture email addresses – from orders where data was entered but the cart eventually abandoned – and send them to a specific list in your MailChimp (or other campaign management) account.

Remarketing Campaign Strategy

For these near-customer segment lists, you can then design remarketing emails to turn potential customers into actual customers. For more information on set up, see our support article Capture Abandoned Email Addresses in MailChimp for Remarketing. You can significantly increase conversion rates if you follow up with these potential customers. From our blog: How To Remarket To Prospective Customers After They Have Abandoned Your Cart & Complete The Sale.

Reseller Partner Management

Splitpay AccountingThrough FastSpring's SplitPay feature, you can easily track and manage online and offline B2B/B2C resellers and various other partners. Track your partners' sales by product and view detailed sales reports. Each 3rd party partner is setup as a Payee in our system where they get a login to review their account, add their payment details, etc.

Funds are distributed to each partner automatically for you based on the products your partners sell and their designated split of revenue, profit, or royalty share. Prices, discounts, and cross-sells can be partner-specific, and each partner can have its own store look and feel. For further details on this powerful feature, take a look at the Payment, Payout & Accounting Features of our app store solution.

Flexible Client Payment Options

Prepaid MasterCard FastSpringYou have the option to be paid by FastSpring through check, US and international ACH direct deposit, PayPal™, wire transfer, or the FastSpring Prepaid MasterCard via Payoneer. Receive your payment twice per month. International direct deposit (ACH) is available for banks located in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Wire payments are available globally, including now INR (Indian Rupee). Enjoy easy setup of your preferred payment method within SpringBoard.

Fast & Easy Third Party Integration via Notifications

Notification SetupFastSpring's clients use notifications primarily for pushing data out of the SpringBoard platform and into their own proprietary and 3rd party systems. While most e-commerce services require that you deal with the hassle of having your system adapt to theirs, at FastSpring, our system is flexible enough to easily adapt to a variety of client data delivery and integration needs – saving you development time and resources.

Because our notifications can be defined and configured completely via the web interface (including which data and in which order), integrating FastSpring to other systems is incredibly fast and easy. Some advantages to our powerful notification engine include:

  • Faster implementation time
  • Flexible interface
  • Easy to integrate with other systems
  • Do-it-yourself via the web interface


  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Notifications can be for one or all products
  • For subscriptions, notifications can be by first order or by renewal order
  • Supported formats: Email (text and XML), HTTP (Name/Value pairs, SOAP, text and XML)
  • Automatic notification rules can be created on a single store or on all stores within an account.
  • Alert emails will automatically notify you when an HTTP notification fails.

For further technical reference on notifications, take a look at these articles from our support center:

Multiple Product Fulfillment Options

Fulfillment Overview

  • Email Notifications (Plain Text & HTML) with order & customer variables
  • File Fulfillment inc. Dropbox Uploader
  • License Fulfillment inc. built-in & 3rd Party code generators
  • Ability to localize notifications
  • Physical Fulfillment on CD/DVD
  • DRM Solutions

FastSpring provides a variety of fulfillment options, including email notification, web notification, file download, licenses, and physical fulfillment on CD & DVD. We support list-based registration code selection, PHP and JavaScript registration code generators, the ability to access a remote server and retrieve a customer's registration information, PDF licensing, as well as secure/time-limited file downloads.

You can fully customize the html (view HTML email sample) or plain text email message sent to customers after they purchase, and optionally include delivery information on the web receipt. Fulfillment emails can be localized using our multi-language email template and include common variables such as order items, item quantity, order references, customer names and fulfillment file URLs

FastSpring supports a variety of registration license key code-generation products, including AquaticPrime, ByteShield, CocoaFOB, GameShield, Quick License Manager (QLM), SoftwareKey System, CryptoLicensing, Software Passport and SoftwareShield. For more information on digital rights management solutions, see our DRM section. For more information on physical fulfillment, see our Software Backup CD & Box Fulfillment section.

DropboxSpringBoard's file uploading works in conjunction with our highly secure, cloud-based technical infrastructure. We offer a variety of file upload methods: a Flash Uploader, a Browser Uploader and a Dropbox Uploader. The Dropbox method does not require you to type in a filename and you will not need to wait for the upload to complete. Using this option opens a window to login to your Dropbox account and choose the file, simple as that. Your file will begin to upload while you continue working. SpringBoard also allows you to choose an existing file in your store for file fulfillment, using a drop-down selection of previously uploaded files.

For a visual overview of the fulfillment UI, check out our SpringBoard Fulfillment Screenshots slideshow.

movieView Video – Fulfillment

Online Advertising Tracking & Google™ Analytics Support

Track your pay-per-click search engine campaigns, email marketing, banner ads, affiliate partners, and other web-based advertising.

Google AnalyticsYou can use our integration with Google Analytics to view detailed web site reports to help you understand exactly where your site visitors and paying customers are coming from, their demographics, traffic trends and more. We can also implement Omniture or WebTrends tracking for you in addition to Google Analytics, if you wish.

You can even use the e-commerce tracking capabilities of Google Analytics to gain detailed insights into your revenue, sales trends and product performance. Set up Google Analytics on your website to enable cross-domain tracking, effectively tying traffic statistics from your main website and your FastSpring store together to form a complete metrics picture.

You can also now track multiple AdWords accounts and Analytics profiles through the purchase process, to gain insight into metrics and ROI from marketing initiatives hosted on additional domains. FastSpring's platform uses Google's newer, asynchronous method, allowing increased page rendering performance.

Use FastSpring's A/B split testing capabilities at the product URL level combined with Google Analytics to test and determine ideal price points for individual products.

movieView Video – Ad Tracking & Analytics

In-App Purchasing Via Embedded Web Store SDK

Note: This feature is available for both Mac and Windows products.

While FastSpring's focus is online stores, we also offer a comprehensive solution allowing your customers to purchase within your software application itself. Our embedded store provides an entirely in-app instant gratification experience, reduces support costs by allowing you to store registration codes/serial numbers without requiring user interaction, and reduces the risk that the user gets sidetracked or runs into any web-based issues while browsing your web store.

Whether you're selling a new version, upgrades, subscription products or cross-sells, your customers will be able to purchase conveniently through this method. Unlike some other solutions, FastSpring's embedded store has all the same functionality that FastSpring web stores have, so you're essentially adding all of the features of your FastSpring web store right into your software.


Some clients have reported as much as a 5% increase on their conversion rate when they included an in-app purchase option for their customers in addition to their browser-based web store. We've heard that at times as much as 25% of a client's sales originate from the in-app store as opposed to customers using the web store, so it can have a very positive impact on your overall revenue. Clients have also reported a noticeable decrease in customer support issues related to licensing.

Some more characteristics that make our embedded store unique include:

  • Lightweight frameworks that include full source code for compiling directly into your software. The Mac embedded store, for example, adds only 57K (compressed) compared to over 1MB for other embedded store solutions.
  • Allows your app to capture, store and recognize generated registration codes/serial numbers
  • Reduction in customer support for licensing issues
  • Clean interface with customizable look and feel (full CSS control)

You can read more about setting up, styling and testing FastSpring's Embedded Web Store SDK in our public support documentation.

Downloads—Including Full Source Code

  • MacOS: Clone or Download our Github repository
  • Windows (C# .NET): Clone or Download our Github repository
  • Windows (C++ MFC): Clone or Download our Github repository


movieView Video – Embedded Store

Revenue-Maximizing Purchase Fraud Protection

FastSpring protects your store against fraud by automatically analyzing each new order prior to each order occurring, seeking inconsistencies and patterns worthy of further analysis. We make it easy to see why specific orders failed to pass our fraud screen.

Unlike at some other commerce providers, at FastSpring fraud checks are real-time, which means you avoid upsetting customers and losing sales because there are no automated phone calls to your customers' homes to verify purchases and no lengthy delays due to manual fraud checks that often place a portion of your orders on hold, leading to incomplete orders.

Some FastSpring clients have reported sales increases of 10-20% after switching to FastSpring just as a result of FastSpring processing a larger percentage of their prospective orders.

Coupons, License Types & Price Testing

“FastSpring is definitely the best company I have ever interacted with (the best company ever, not just related to e-commerce).”

Ruman Stankov, Triland Inc.

Customize and test product prices. Provide volume discounts for educational, corporate, and other large purchase groups. Select from standard options, including dollar value-based discounts, percentage-based discounts and coupon codes. Use SpringBoard's coupon code generation functionality to quickly generate multiple random coupons, with a batch count of your choosing. Set the effective start and end dates. Offer discount coupons as purchase incentives, or even zero-cost order coupon codes for special situations such as not-for-resale product giveaways, or codes for journalists, reviewers and partners.

Coupon fields in order page sequences are highly flexible: context-sensitive, they display based on conditions you set up. Utilize multiple types of software licenses, including site, academic, and personal licenses. Create custom pricing calculations for advanced scenarios.

For offers, you can add limited use conditions, including a minimum order total, a minimum product quantity, limiting to an email postfix (e.g., and limiting to one use per email address.

movieView Video – Discounts

Email Marketing Campaign Management

Email MarketingWhen your customers order, give them the option to sign up for your newsletter or mailing list. Communicate with your customers via email about your latest product offerings, special discounts/promotions/coupons that will boost your revenue, and other information about your product or service that may be relevant to them. You can even create special lists of potential customers who abandoned their cart, for remarketing emails.

There is no charge for sending up to 12,000 emails per month to up to 2,000 customers. Through this third party partnership with MailChimp, you will be able to build and manage your email list, design email campaigns in HTML, integrate your email campaigns with Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Twitter and Salesforce, conduct A/B split testing, track your results and view detailed analytics related to your email campaigns.


FastSpring vendors can enjoy a seamless way to send email to customers and/or newsletter subscribers without the hassle of having to resort to manual unsubscribes, multiple data dumps and repeated bulk uploads. Your subscriber list is always up to date and ready for your next communication.

MailChimp       Campaign Monitor       Lyris

FastSpring also supports Campaign Monitor ( support article) and Lyris, two other industry-leading email campaign management services. So if your subscriber list is already set up on one of these platforms, no problem; you can add subscribers to these services too at the point of sale.


movieView Video – Surveys & Email Campaigns

Free, Secure, Cloud-Based Download File Hosting

Amazon Web ServicesFastSpring will host multiple downloadable files (up to 5GB per file), saving you support and bandwidth expense. Enjoy the benefits of a fast, reliable, and secure global file distribution network utilizing's S3 bandwidth service.  Ensure your buyers have a smooth and trouble-free download experience which includes the option to manage the number of times customers can re-download.

Intuitive Admin UI & Helpdesk

SpringBoard LogoEnjoy the fast-loading, elegant and logical SpringBoard administrative user interface. As one customer wrote, "FastSpring's e-commerce platform is a dream to work with." Instead of the one or two words that might appear in a toolbar or menu in a typical UI, the FastSpring interface is task-based; SpringBoard clearly presents tasks that you want to complete and those tasks are phrased using natural language.

SpringBoard BreadcrumbsAs you step into tasks, logical next steps are revealed contextually, like the layers of an onion. At any point in time, you can always return to a previous layer. You can see our interface in action by watching our Demo Movie, or click the link below to view a short intro clip on SpringBoard.

SpringBoard pages benefit from contextual help displayed to the right, AJAX task completion notifications, and drill-down to advanced customization options. In addition, our integrated helpdesk provides thorough support documentation and an excellent ticketing system where you can get prompt answers to any questions that arise. All past tickets are archived, easily accessible for future reference.

movieView Video – SpringBoard

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

DRMDigital Rights Management (DRM) enables you to securely offer your products on a free trial or sale basis while protecting your intellectual property, avoiding pirated sales and maximizing your revenue. Through its partners, FastSpring offers you the choice of using the 3rd party DRM solution you prefer. Out of the box we offer integration with AquaticPrime, CocoaFOB, GameShield and Software Passport. Additional solutions include Yummy Interactive's SoftwareShield and GameShield, Soroco's Quick License Manager, Nalpeiron (NSL), CryptoLicensing and Concept Software's SoftwareKey System. We also support hardware locking via collection of HardwareID for the generation of license codes locked to a single machine. Protect your products and code against software cracking, piracy, and reverse engineering. Control user activations, define how frequently a serial number/activation code can be used, and configure the features you'd like to enable/disable during free trials.


Find out how much you can increase your trial-to-sale conversion rate by testing different trial setups (i.e. 15-day, 30-day, feature usage-based trial expiration). You may be able to increase your revenue by 10-30% or more simply by finding a more optimal trial expiration scenario, but you need to test the difference to know the revenue impact. At FastSpring, we don't lock you in – if you have a DRM solution you particularly like, let us know via email and we can usually support its implementation.

For clients selling e-books and PDFs, you can protect your purchased copies by uniquely stamping each page with the name and email address of each customer, in order to fight against e-book file sharing. Stamped PDFs are also encrypted to prevent editing. You can manage multiple e-books, tag and search your e-books, disable PDF printing and copying, password protect each e-book, and you'll find all PDF versions are supported. An added DRM fee may apply.


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Pre-Launch Testing Environment

Gain full control over the "status" of items that comprise your store. Safely test product order forms, new pricing, and offers before customers see them live, avoiding potential revenue loss or store display errors and optimizing the page setup. FastSpring's testing environment enables you to gradually work on the setup of various items, to preview as you go, and to revisit previously created setups. You can even test order pages by customer country and language, allowing localized order page previews (including pricing).

Multi-Store Management, Usage Tracking & User Roles

TeamworkRun multiple web stores within a single account, each with a completely different look and feel. Take advantage of this feature to focus on niche areas of your product range, increasing your conversions by targeting a more tightly defined audience with specific products of interest.

No matter how large or small your company, usage tracking and multiple logins provides accountability for actions occurring in the FastSpring UI. For example, if someone disables a product or issues a refund, FastSpring automatically tracks who made the change and when. SpringBoard also tracks changes made to Offers & Prices, which can be quite useful in overall store management.


SpringBoard's user management/page-access control functionality supports the following roles: Account Administrator (full access to all company stores); Store Administrator (full access to a single store except Accounting); Accountant (access to Orders, Accounts, and Reports); Store Maintainer (full access to a single store except Account and Reports); Store Marketer (access to Orders and Reports); Store Reporting ( access to Orders and Reports); Store Order Support (access to Orders). In addition, you can set up a Limited API User, who can access API commands, but may not access SpringBoard.


Software Backup CD & Box Fulfillment

Software Backup CD DVD  FulfillmentYou have the option to offer your customers a backup CD with each product ordered or an extended download service. Earn more revenue per order by offering this to your customers. Take advantage of the flexibility of being able to set your own retail price for both options (and to test different price points). At FastSpring, you can use our built-in service or we'll support you using your own service (in which case you get to keep 100% of the profits from offering these services).

In addition to being able to offer your end customers these options during the checkout process, through our fulfillment partnerships you also have access to CD/DVD/Blu-ray Production/Authoring, DVD/Blu-ray Catalog Fulfillment, Item Printing and Packaging, Kitting and Assembly, General Fulfillment Services, and Software Box Manufacturing.

Visual Sales Reports

Reporting - Now on Mobile Devices

Enjoy graphical reports dynamically-generated on-the-fly. View your sales trend over a period of time, your sales and returns by product, detailed sales data, sales by country, and more. Data can also be exported in CSV format for use in other programs like Excel.

Reporting views include Daily (Orders, Renewals, Average, Detail); Promotions (Coupons, Renewals, Returns); Countries (Orders, Renewals, Returns); Products (Orders, Renewals, Returns); Exports (View, Create).

Predefined report types include Order Reports (Order Export, Order Export Excluding Returns, Survey Result Export); Order Item Reports (Order Item Export, Base Order Item Export); Subscriptions (Active Subscribers Export, Inactive Subscriber Export); Special Use Reports (Shipment Export); Order Reports - Custom (New CSV Template, New Text Template).

SpringBoard's report dashboard also displays any order issues and ties in to the accounting system to show all records and payments related to your account.

ScreenshotView Reporting Screenshots SlideshowAverageCountCountrySourceSource 2TypeDayProductRecentDetailExport

movieView Video – Reporting

Surveys Customers at the Point of Purchase

Survey customers as they complete a purchase to gain valuable insights into who your customers are, where they learned about your products, what they use your products for, and so on – without needing to go to an external survey site. Surveys support common html form elements such as text fields, checkboxes, drop-down menus and radio buttons. You can build multiple custom surveys easily right within SpringBoard with no programming, and even add display conditions such as date ranges, link sources, specific products, and URL parameter tags. Survey results can be easily exported in CSV format for import into spreadsheet and CRM programs.

movieView Video – Surveys & Email Campaigns

Flexible Refund Options

SpringBoard's UI offers user-friendly and flexible refund functionality. It takes under a minute to locate and refund an order. You can perform three types of refunds: (1) Full Return, which refunds the entire order's purchase price; (2) Line Item Return, which refunds the entire price of one or more products in an order; and (3) Partial Refund, which refunds a portion of the amount of one or more products in an order. Orders can be easily located using Order Search on SpringBoard's home page, which can use any of the following as search criteria: order reference number; subscription reference number; customer's email address, customer's last name; company name. When refunding orders, SpringBoard gives you the option to select or describe return reasons and to send a notification to the customer.

Instant Web-Based Fulfillment

Instead of your customers having to rely on an email coming into their inbox after they purchase, they can be provided with product fulfillment information (downloadable file, license code, etc.) instantly after they complete their purchase, right on the post-purchase confirmation page. In this era of spam and email filter problems, you can't afford to require your customers to rely solely on email-based fulfillment. By providing this instant web-based delivery to your customers, you will increase customer satisfaction while cutting down on support volume.


Eliminate emails from upset customers who wish to start using your product instantly, or those who complain they never received an email from you and are dissatisfied because they haven't been able to use the product they paid for. You will reap the benefits of the improved level of customer satisfaction. In addition, you can customize the content your customers will see on the order confirmation page in case you want to communicate something specific after they complete their initial purchase.


movieView Video – Fulfillment

Google AdWords Expert Audit & Campaign Management

Google AdWordsWe will review your existing AdWords campaign to specify how you can increase your Google profits. Google Adwords Expert Audit is available for no additional charge upon request to FastSpring clients currently spending $3,000 per month on search. For ongoing Pay-per-click (PPC) management after the audit, the fee is 10% of the amount you spend on your search advertising or, in some instances, we will manage your PPC account on a performance-only basis and forego all fees. Current PPC clients include Microsoft, Taleo, oDesk, RazorGator, PopCap, and DemandBase. Interested vendors should email us directly to request a Google Adwords Expert Audit.


We custom build your PPC campaigns from the bottom up, with an eye toward continually managing and growing your campaigns based on your specific metrics and ROI goals. Our services include:

  • One-on-One Consultation – to understand your business, your customers, current revenue and profitability goals
  • Keyword Generation & Analysis – related to your products, services and website content
  • Customized Ad Creative Development – with a focus on cost-per-conversion metrics
  • PPC Bid Management – on a continuous basis in order to generate maximum ROIs
  • Landing Page Optimization & Development – to maximize conversion rates by rotating and testing LPs
  • Reporting – of all click, cost and conversion data, delivered weekly, along with custom reports as requested
  • Conversion Tracking – infrastructure strategized to guide implementation of goal definitions and campaign success measurement
  • Conversion Funnel Analysis – to guide optimization, from analytics, usability & messaging standpoints


SEO Expert Assessment & Actionable Consultation

In a nutshell, our Expert SEO Consultation helps your marketing team learn how to target a mix of up to ten popular search terms Google users are searching for when they look for your product or service online. Using those keywords, our experts will recommend a course of action to help you gain more traffic and sales from organic search.

This course of action includes optimizing up to ten separate landing pages to support the identified search terms; how to properly feature any new landing pages across your website to make the best use of the Google trust you'll be building into your site; and how to safely, efficiently and effectively support the number of natural links flowing into your site with advanced link-building knowledge and practices.


Using analytics to track traffic, conversions, sales and average order value related to targeted search terms, you can estimate the potential ROI from increased rankings per keyword to assess whether or not further SEO assistance is right for your business.

To proceed with an Expert SEO Consultation after the complimentary Initial Basic SEO Assessment, fees will vary depending on your knowledge and use of SEO best practices prior to a consulting engagement.

The consultation delivers blocks of actionable items your team will implement to simultaneously increase their knowledge and skill with SEO while improving actual search engine rankings, traffic to your website and online sales relating to the improved optimization you'll put in place to support your targeted search terms. The full consultation is $2500.00. On occasion businesses may not benefit from the complete consultation. At that point our SEO expert may engage in a custom consultation at the rate of $125.00/hour or $625.00 per block. Each block of consultation is 5 hours at $125.00/hour.

Our SEO Consulting packages are designed to help your business become self-sufficient at targeting and optimizing for new search traffic, with an end goal to eliminate your firm's dependence on outsourced SEO consulting altogether. Interested vendors should contact us to request an Initial Basic SEO Assessment.

SEO Consultation at a Glance

  • Phase I  Search Targeting – Making sure you know what search terms to target and the level of difficulty/time it will take to begin ranking for your terms - up to ten search terms initially.
  • Phase II  Landing Page Development – Making sure you know how to develop a page using SEO best practices to capture search volume for the targeted search phrase(s) assigned to each landing page - up to ten landing pages initially.
  • Phase III  Inner Linking and Site Structure – Making sure you're using SEO best practices to develop your site structure and navigation to improve the way Google crawls and indexes your website and targeted landing pages. Initial consultation focuses on up to ten landing pages and the associated site structure and navigation to support those pages.
  • Phase IV  Link-building – Making sure you know everything you need to know to start safely, effectively and efficiently building links into your site. SEO is 10% on-page (Phases I-III) and 90% link-building (Phase IV). During the final phase of consultation we get you setup to start efficiently building safe, effective links into your website focusing on the targeted search terms identified in Phase I.


Affiliate Program Expert Audit & Campaign Management

Whether you have your own affiliate program or you use an external affiliate system—such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareASale and Google Affiliate Network—we will review your program and outline how your affiliate revenue can be increased. This free audit is available upon request for FastSpring clients with sales revenues greater than $20,000 per month.

Our leading expert began his affiliate career at Commission Junction in 1999 before managing programs for a number of software companies, and is a highly respected expert in the affiliate marketing industry.


Benefits include:

  • Ensure your affiliate program is actively managed by an affiliate expert who focuses on nothing but affiliate program growth
  • Learn which US, international, and niche affiliate programs are the best for you to work with for your particular products and goals, in addition to your existing program
  • Increase the performance of your ads
  • Increase your overall website's conversion rate
  • Find out which of the top 1,000 super affiliates are not yet promoting your products and get them recruited
  • Increase affiliate outreach and communication
  • Increase the number of affiliates that generate sales every month vs. sit idle
  • Benefit from the learning gained from managing dozens of other affiliate programs
  • Learn how to optimize the program offer you're making to affiliates so you attract the higher quality affiliates
  • Get help with managing any channel conflict between affiliate and reseller channels
  • Develop a more effective affiliate incentive program to better motivate your affiliates

For any ongoing affiliate program growth management after Affiliate Program Expert Audit, there will be an additional fee, which often can be structured with a performance-based component; once a baseline revenue benchmark is established, the fee can be earned from the incremental revenue which is generated from our efforts. Our expert's current affiliate program growth management clients include eFax,, Angie's List, Callwave, and other firms. Interested vendors should email us directly to request an Affiliate Program Expert Audit.


Online Marketing Expert Evaluation

We will review your existing online marketing status to determine areas for improvement in terms of strategy and optimizations. The one-time evaluation costs $500.

Our online marketing expert has succeeded in the web marketing industry since 1999, accesses a team of over 15 specialists, and is the author of McGraw-Hill's 36-Hour Course to Online Marketing and three online marketing courses. Consult with marketing strategists, channel relationship experts, analysts, SEM pros, designers, developers, bloggers, brand marketers, copywriters, PR specialists, media buyers and project managers.


The assessment will cover a review of your:

  • Branding
  • Blog Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Online Public Relations
  • Search Marketing
  • Website and Online Marketing Analytics
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Consultations are completed after you complete a pre-consult questionnaire and send marketing assets like email examples, websites, and social media links. The consultation addresses initial observations, recommendations and proposed next steps. Following the initial evaluation call, you can choose to engage this agency's service for additional marketing services to boost your overall online marketing results. For ongoing web marketing campaign management after the evaluation, additional fees will apply. Interested vendors can email us at to request an introduction.


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