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citation startConsolidation has been a major trend among e-commerce providers catering to software companies, and this has meant bad news for software publishers. Large corporations have acquired the innovators of this space, stifling creativity and, in an effort to focus on their bottom line, customer service and client relationships have suffered tremendously.

FastSpring fills the gap created by these acquisitions by providing software developers and publishers a solution that comes with something rare in this Web 2.0 era – access to knowledgeable people who understand their software businesses in depth and who pride themselves on providing nothing less than phenomenal customer service.

At FastSpring, "Customer Service" does not refer to an assortment of FAQs, Ticket Numbers, or Auto-Responders as it does for some companies.  FastSpring is here to service you.citation end

– Ken White, SVP Customer Service, FastSpring

FastSpring Customer Service

Personal Response

Doing business with a company on the Internet can be a very impersonal process. Not only have the founders of FastSpring run several Internet-related companies, we have also been—and continue to be—customers ourselves.

Nothing is more frustrating than sending off an email to a company to get help only to wait for a week to get back an impersonal email with a pre-canned response that doesn't address the actual question.

FastSpring is different. A real person with a real name will respond to your question promptly.  And the same goes for us responding to your customers.

Since we've been in your shoes, we always try to treat our customers as friends, and try to understand they are looking to us for real help within whatever problem or question they have.

Stevie Award for Best Customer Service Dept. 2013Stevie® Award

FastSpring's Customer Service team was awarded a Silver Stevie® Award for Customer Service Department of the Year.


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Customer Support Goals

To ensure that we provide the best customer support in our industry, we've established the following goals:

Those are our goals. While many of them seem like common sense or conventional wisdom, we believe they represent the opposite of how many companies regularly allow themselves to conduct business. Goals are easy to state; execution is the important part. If you would like to let us know how we are doing, please send us an email at

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